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Expanded: Player Piano Parts Makers
Detailed Listing of Available Parts
And the People Who Make Them

Brian Thornton - Short Mountain Music
email: smmw@mindspring.com
address: 207 S. McCrary St.
city: Woodbury
state: TN
zip: 37190
country: USA
homephone: 615 563 5814
workphone: 615 563 5814
web: www.shortmountainmusic.com
comments: replication of wooden pneumatic components; valve blocks, stacks, small pipe chests, and pumps for the automated music trade

Nathan Woodhull
email: nwoodhull1@yahoo.com
address: 624 0hio St.
city: Lima
state: OH
zip: 45804
country: USA
homephone: 419 227 8565
workphone: 419 227 8565
comments: I have an extensive inventory of old player mechanisms and plenty of old upright actions. I do not presently make any products, but have at my disposal a wide assortment of cutting dies which would enable me to make up almost any valve facing that was ever produced. I also have arch punches for any size pouch. I could also offer component rebuilding services, pneumatic covering, etc.

Don Teach - Shreveport Music Co
email: dteach@nwla.com
address: 1815 E 70th Street
city: Shreveport
state: LA
zip: 71105
country: USA
FAX: 318 797 4572
workphone: 318 798 6000
comments: Don Teach makes spool chucks for Wurlitzer five tune rolls and spool chucks for Seeburg coin operated pianos. He also makes the brass nickel drop that fits Seeburg and some other coin pianos. This is the formed brass part for the patron to deposit the nickel into. He also makes Seeburg control knobs and backplates as well as the 70 tooth rewind gear for the transmission frame. You can contact him for other Seeburg hardware items care of dteach@nwla.com.

Stephen K Goodman - Mechanical Music Restoration
email: stephengoodman@sbcglobal.net
address: call for an appointment
city: Fresno
state: CA
zip: 93727
homephone: 559-346-0521
workphone: 559-346-0521
FAX: 866-828-2165
web: www.mechanicalmusicrestoration.com
comments: Whether you need a Berry-Wood soft-pedal assembly, Hupfeld register box or a Seeburg reiterating valve/pneumatic block, or anything in between, contact me. Custom parts for any instrument. I am a master restorer with 40 years experience.

Robert Leber -
email: robertleber36@yahoo.com
address: 48327 Purpleleaf St
city: Fremont
state: CA
zip: 94539
country: USA
homephone: 510-714-8820
workphone: 510-714-8820
comments: Band Organ, Orchestrion, Street Organ Wood Pipe Maker. Both Stock and Carl Frei Pipes and custom made and also for missing pipes in a set. Also pipe valve chests for replacement or missing chest. A real Carl Frei Fan.

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