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"Tips and Tricks"
The AEolian Themodist Player

Reference Materials

What is a Themodist?

Recently, a customer posed a question to the Mechanical Music Digest regarding her Themodist player piano. She was very curious to find out exactly what the Themodist does and where it is located in the piano. Her desire is to rebuild the mechanism so that she can enjoy all the features the machine has to offer.

Her questions were answered the very next day by two of MMD's members and contributing authors, Dan Wilson and Richard Vance. Their responses were so informative that I asked them if I could post the articles at Player-Care. Both gentlemen kindly agreed.

To read each article, simply follow the link directly below. A BACK link is provided so you can easily return to this page or to Player-Care's Main Page.

"What is a Themodist" by Dan Wilson
"What is a Themodist" by Richard Vance

Below are links to four pictures from a reference book. They contain useful information about the Themodist mechanism. When you click on the link, it will open the picture. Then use your web browser's File/Print feature to print the pictures for later use.

  • Themodist 1
  • Themodist 2
  • Themodist 3
  • Themodist 4
  • Also, click on this link for more information and a diagram from Richard Vance concerning the Themodist Expression Mechanism. (To Return to this web page, use your browser's BACK feature.)


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