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Using the Trackerbar Pump
The 'Kissing' Technique

As a rule of thumb, the trackerbar should be pumped out every eight playing hours. Each roll is about 3+ minutes long. So 'Pump the Bar' after about every 100 or so plays. Keeping the 'Bar' clean is very important. It prevents weak and/or silent notes that result from paper dust and chad (those nasty little pieces of paper that hang on to a punch card) that get sucked into the holes in the trackerbar. It also helps insure Good Roll Tracking (See Pictures).

To Purchase a Trackerbar Pump for $62.00 - Click Here (Minimum S/H: $11.45)
To Purchase a Replacement Tip for $9.50 - Click Here (Minimum S/H: $7.85)
To Purchase a Replacement Filter for $7.95 - Click Here (Minimum S/H: $7.85)

Having pumped out thousands of trackerbars, I have developed an extremely effective technique that develops the most suction you and the pump can create. The technique is called the 'Kissing Technique' because of the sound that occurs once you've mastered the technique.

Start by pushing the piston handle all the way 'in'. Press the rubber tip tightly against the trackerbar. With your other hand, pull the piston handle 'out' very smartly, the faster the better. As you reach the top of the 'out' stroke, allow the force of the stroke to pull the rubber tip off of the trackerbar. Move the 'pump' away from the piano, then push the piston handle back 'in'.

You'll know you've got this technique right when you hear a 'kissing' sound as the rubber tip comes away from the trackerbar. (The sound you hear is the vacuum, created by the pump, escaping to the atmosphere.)

Repeat this process for every hole on the trackerbar. If present, pay particular attention to the outermost holes on the 'bar'. These holes are typically used for 'roll tracking', and since they are next to the edge of the paper, they suck in the most debris. (That's because the edge of the paper is where most of the wear occurs.)

After completing one pass over all the holes, clean the dust screen and repeat the entire process again. Continue repeating the process until the filter is free of any debris. On average, it will take three complete passes before the majority of paper dust is removed from the player system.

Replacement Rubber Tip - $9.50 ea. + $7.85 shipping

Replacement Filter - $7.95 ea. + $7.85 shipping

Trackerbar Pump - $62.00 ea. + $13.45 shipping to most US destinations.

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